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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 20, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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rash of teenage murders, six students killed this school year alone. will he or won't he? lance armstrong decides whether to testify under oath about doping. and the buzz over the first lady's new official portrayed. we have got a lot to bring you today, folks. d.c.'s mayor just told us how much impending cuts could cost the city. we're also less than ten days away from sequestration now. this hour we'll head to capitol hill to find out how defense cuts could hit our entire renaling. and a shocking story involving an obgyn at john hopkins. the allegations he may have taken his own life as police investigated the videotapes and pictures. and we have the personal story behind a movie getting a lot of oscar buzz. >> "silver linings playbook" is bringing a lot of attention to
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mental illness. today we're going to tell you about the inspiration for the movie. he it is will you appears in some of the more human orrous scenes. his dad is the director. we begin at 4:00 with breaking news. five arrests in the murder of a teenager in prince george's county. >> tracee walk united states joins us live where we are wading for a new conference. >> reporter: we are, pat and jim. there's new information. we are now dealing with 17 killed this school year in prince george's county. a seventh teen just died. that has been confirmed by prince george's county police. this teen who was in critical condition died just moments ago. he was shot last night, along with another student who had died there on the scene. now we know we are dealing with a double homicide. in just a few minutes were going to hear from the chief of police, who is going to address that, yes, five arrests have hat in the murder of charles walker jr. this is the 15-year-old suitland
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high school freshman who was shot and killed on monday. now, two of his classmates, also pronounced dead in a double shooting that happened last night 18 years old andre sheppard, attended the high school and then withdrew earlier this year, but 18-year-old aaron kidd was still handying suitland high school when he died the night before last. we spoke with his mother and this is what she has to say. >> police do what you can. but please protect our young children. they need protection. this should not have happened to no family, to no parent. >> reporter: that was aaron kidd's mother's reactions to the loss of her son. that was her cry to police to try and bring whoever's responsible for what is now considered a double murder to
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justice. now this is the second day in a row we have been awaiting to hear from police. they'll be making an announcement in a few minutes. about an arrest in monday areas murder. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. we'll have continuing coverage coming up in the next half hour whur's mollette green joins us on the set. we'll find out what her listeners are saying about these senseless deaths. police are trying to identify possible witnesses in the murder of a student at the university of maryland eastern shores. someone stabbed 21-year-old edmund st. claire over the weekend. investigators tell us it happened after an argument broke out between people standing on the street on campus. police are asking anyone who recognizes the vehicles or people walking in this video to give them a call. d.c. mayor vincent gray warned today if sequestration goes into effect, the city stands to lose more than $100
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million. about half of that money would come from lost tax revenue. >> that would be the income taxes, because people a may lose their jobs in the city and won't pay income taxes. sales taxes, because you may have people who are contractors or others who simply don't buy things in the city. >> today the pentagon informed hundreds of thousands of civilians how they will be impacted. jennifer johnson on capitol hill with that part of the story. >> good afternoon, jim. congress has just over a week to come up with a deficit reduction plan. if not, these cuts will go into effect which will greatly impact the pentagon. . the defense department will take the biggest hit if congress can't come up with a budget deal and the so-called sequester, $85 billion in across the board automatic spending cuts goes into effect by law. >> i think we'll have serious readiness effects.
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these are legally binding limits. we will have to cut back on training significantly. >> in a letter to congress, defense secretary leone panetta said the vast majority of the department's 800,000 civilian workers will have to be furloughed one day a week. in essence a 20% pay cut. new secretary of state john kerry warned of global consequences. >> in these days of looming budget sequester, that everyone actually wants to avoid, or most, we can't be strong in the world unless we are strong at home. >> every day government workers will be most impacted. furloughs or layoffs will hit food inspectors tsa, fbi and border patrol agents, and every budget from education to meals on wheels. >> the effect of the sequester would you believe severe and go right to american families. there are people working day who will lose their jobs.
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republicans say democrats want to increase taxes and not cut enough spending while the white house blames the gop for protecting the rich. it could affect millions of american workers. congress is not in session this week. when members return on monday they'll have just four days to come up with a deal. live on capitol hill, i'm jennifer johnson, news4. taking a live look outside, a bitterly cold day is about to turn into an even colder night. storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson tells us how cold it's going to get. >> that's right. you can see those flags blowing right there with the kennedy center in the background. our winds have been gusting as high as 25 and 30 miles per hour. windchills here for the afternoon have been in the 20s, but as temperatures will start dropping off, down to the freezing mark by 8:00 p.m., or windchills will be dropping, too, down into the teens. it will be cold.
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right now a mixture of clouds and sunshine out there. that will be the case over the next couple hours. here's your satellite and radar. you can see how the northernmost areas, the counties -- you folks down around stafford, you've had more sunshine today, so temperaturewise right now we're in the 30s up to the north where those clouds are, and in the 40s down to the south from 40 degrees tacoma park, to 46 degrees in fredericksburg. and then we have one brisk evening out ahead of us, another cold night for sure. and some interesting weather coming up for friday that could impact your travel. stick around for my forecast. that's coming up in a few. all right. is d.c. in the running to host the 2024 olympics? news4 finds out if the nation's capital is ready. accusations in the courtroom today. what witnesses heard the night oscar pistorius' girlfriend was shot to death.
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and why a woman decided to call 911 with an unusual request. >> hello. >> hello. >> i need some cigarettes. > and a live look now at prince george's county police headquarters. we are awaiting a news conference to announce five
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mr. bob roth. >> all right. >> you're listens live right now to prince george's county police headquarters, where there are words of arrest today. let's listen to the chief right now. >> good afternoon.
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to be honest with you, most of this department has been up for 48 hours. it's been a trying time for all
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of us, but they've been relentless criminals need to know if they come to this county and commit senseless acts of violence, we will find them and we will bring them to justice. i'd like to bring up mike strong, the commander of the criminal investigation division to fill you in on some of the details. >> good afternoon, as chief mcgall said, we are 48 hours into the murder investigation of charles walker junior. we've made -- in washington and d.c. it's five charged in this case beginning from the first to the final arrests is taye von williams engineer manni whitner, kevin smith, derek green, and
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fifth and finally, and the last suspect involved in this case glenn leach. they all have been located, they all have been charged, they all have admitted their involvement in the attemptside robbery and murder of charles walker jr. currently williams, wit ner and smith are incarcerated, and the department of corrections in prince george's county jail on a no-bond status, all charged with first-degree murder. derek green, there's a warrant on file for his extradition out of washington, d.c. charging him also here in the county for first-degree murder. gle glenn leach is currently under arrest and being interviewed by detectives, and the fifth and final arrest in this case. there are no other suspects or anyone else involved in this murder.
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the last 48 hours we've used each and every resource of the police department to include every detective assigns to investigate components. we very pleased to bring this family closure and put this case to rest with five arrests. thank you. >> if you can hold on. thank you. good achb. thank you for being here. i want to first publicly thank the police department for the swift action for their communication with my office for their communication with the entire doubt council and the entire county government. this had a great impact not just in district 7, but throughout the entire community. my colleagues and i are looking at way in terms of how to deal with this issue of violence and our youth and children moving forward. so i want to thank my commander,
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commander grant, for his swift action, as well as all his detectives and this entire police department, because we are solving -- we solved this crime quickly, and that's what i appreciate. we want to put the community at ease, and we were able to do that. i pray for the family of charles walker, and i pray for the entire county that we can put these senseless acts of violence for an end. thank you. able to make thinks identifications. >> there's numb bus techniques that -- prince george's county police and local officials announcing five arrests in the shooting death of charles walker jr., the 15-year-old shot to death on monday night in an
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alleged robbery involving his shoes. police have made five arrests. they say all defendants have been charged with murder. there are three in prince georges, a warrant issued for one and one being questioned for now. police say a crimesolvers tip led them to the arrests, the last arrest made in the district this afternoon. five arrests. the latest in a string of teens to be killed in prince george's county in the past several months. >> not only have they been located, we know that, according to police, they have also admitted to their role in the murder and that attempted robbery. again, all of this stemming from a pair of shoes in a shopping bag, 15-year-old charles walker jr. dead within 48 hours. they have five arrests right now. we'll have much more, in terms of reaction to this story, but a huge, tremendous relief for relatives and residents in prince george's county. we'll be r
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i'm aaron gilchrist. this just into the noif notify live desk, world that a class-action lawsuit has been filed against carnival cruise lines.
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working on more details. we know about 100 passengers were part of this lawsuit in which they allege that carnival knew or should have been known that the "triumph" cruiseship was having mechanical issues. they should have known it prior to setting sail. another 1400 or so crew members on board that ship when it was stranded, and passengers had to deal with no running water, no barthelmes, very little food. now word that a class-action lawsuit has been filed. more people may join that lawsuit. we'll gather more information. that is the lates from the live desk. i'm aaron gilchrist. the movie "silver linings playbook" is getting praise outside the world of movies. the film is raising awareness
4:20 pm
about mental health issues specifically bipolar disorder. >> the director came with a unique perspective. his son is bipolar. more on how the movie is sparking conversations. >> calm down, crazy. >> when jennifer lawrence says that to bradley cooper, it take bradley and the audience by surprise. simp people who have severe emotional problems, you might not expect them to call each other crazy. >> but david orussell uses honesty and murder to shine a unique light on emotional problems, a perspective born of his life with his son matthew, who has bipolar mood disorder. >> i've put everything i've learned in these experiences with my son and our family, you put it into the film. the actor knew i had put myself into it. >> what the -- >> one reason is this is the first film in 30 years to have actors nominated in all four categories.
4:21 pm
david's son matthew also gave an extraordinary if ironic performance. >> what are you laughing about? >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> it was a wonderful experience for our son to be someone who was outside the episodes looking in. >> while that may have been giving matthew new perspective, russell ed says cooper and lawrence's character seem like the most normal in the movie. >> the people i met have a real quality about them. it ends up opening up everyone around them. >> reporter: plus -- as i learned as he and i sat on a panel, tried to bring attention to the fact that mental illness is often neglected in this country. >> unlike diabetes or heart disease, people don't speak with it. there's a lot of stigma about it, so people don't talk about
4:22 pm
it. >> c'mon, dad. >> "silver linings playbuy" is changing that. >> ed russell shows near the end of the film when they get a 5 out of 10 in a dance contest, but celebrate. >> you face chalenings, you know what it's like to win with a 5. >> russell, who also made "the fighter" say that family and friends are so crucial to the characters' survival and triumph, and that comes from his life, tonight. >> my son would do anything for the once you love. you would do anything for them. i think it also also indicates if someone really understands you and accepts and loves you, it can make a world of difference. >> i lulled that movie. >> it was good. and another night. >> if i had a dollar for everyone who's asked me, when is summer coming? let's warm it up. skip over spring, right? yeah, temperatures really now the big story for the overnight period, for tomorrow, even with
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this next system we're talking about on friday. i think they'll be low enough to give us some frozen something-something in the form of sleet and snow on friday. let's head to the weather wall. look at that blue sky. some of you to the north of d.c., we'll take a look. right now just getting a few clouds north of d.c. that is where most of the cloud cover has been today, down to the south, temperatures have been higher, because you've been in the clear, but everyone has been getting in on this. it is the wind. those winds have been sustained at 15 to 20 miles an hour. the folks we've even seen gusts up to 25 and 30 miles an hour, so really think for the most part we'll be mostly clear here. 40 degrees the temperature, just a few clouds that will be around, but again the emphasis is on the cold and windy with the windchills dropping to the teens for the evening, dropping down to the single digits by tomorrow morning. we're subfreezing already. our next system, as, well, we
4:24 pm
have high pressure around the mid-atlantic, to open it up wide to show you that. it will be a system moving almost due east, a bit north and northeast, and for us, what we're going to get out of it is increasing clouds at first for thursday night, so we'll start the day with some sunshine, breezy conditions, clouds move in during the overnight period. friday morning, the morning rush on friday we will be dry, but i think be the tail end of the afternoon/evening rush there could be areas of north and west. and then by the time we get to 7:00, 8:00 p.m., a bit of snow here in the pocket around frederick, around winchester, where there might even be accumulation. but then quickly the temperatures rise, rain will be taking over after midnight, throughout the day on saturday. saturday we could pick up in from say a half to maybe 0.75 of an inch of rain. tomorrow almost a carbon copy.
4:25 pm
there's your rain, 46 the high on saturday, still the best day out of the weekend on sunday. we'll like at the seven-day in just a couple minutes. from heartache to hope, doreen gentzler has the exclusive story for a father after he was brutally beaten on capitol hill. if you're looking for love in all the wrong places, how scam artists are targeting
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someone in our area is $26 million richer this afternoon after winning the mega millions jackpot last night. the lucky winner bought the ticket from a shell gas station on lakeview drives. the oning numbers 1, 125, 19, 30, 56 with a megaball 28. officials say the winner has about six months to claim that money. the cash option is $18 million. a texas woman is apologizing for calling 911 because she ran out of cigarettes, and was too drunk to drive into town to buy more. >> hello. >> hello. >> i need some cigarettes. >> not me. >> yeah, that's linda white. she says she was hanging out in the backyard with her boyfriend, had a few too many beers, when she made the call as a joke.
4:29 pm
as you might expect, the sheriff's office did not find it funny. she was charged with a misdemeanor. >> maybe she'll kick the habit now. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. we'll show you the first lady's new official portrait. and an update on the breaking news. five arrested in the murder of a 15-year-old opportunities in prince george's county. charles walker jr. one of t
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breaking news just moments ago prince george's county police announced that five people are now in custody, charged with murder in the shooting death of charles walker jr. he's the 15-year-old suitland high school teenager shot and killed on monday a few blocks from his hillcrest heights home. he's now one of seven young people killed this school year in the county. we just learned that a teen shot and wounded last night in forestville died this afternoon. these senseless deaths, as so many people have been describing them, are the talk around town this week. mollet, your listeners are asking, why does it keep happening? >> just horrible. we have a huge prince george's county following.
4:33 pm
z at the hits too close to home. our listeners keep trying to figure out why they keep happening. back-to-back killings, that's sounding an alarm. having candlelight vigils, establishing a task force to try to look into this, it's not enough. we've got to do much more. many of these communities are just over the d.c. line, these hot spots for trouble. they are often talked about as ward 9, ward 7 and 8 in the district being troubled spot, so this urban problem is spilling over into prince george's county. it's a suburb, but these suburban cities have urban issues that really need to be addressed. >> and two are under arrest in d.c. as we just ahead. yesterday when police came
4:34 pm
out with the state's attorney, they talked about the partnership with faith-based communities. certainly everyone is relieved about arrests, but also glad to see this relationship and see it being stronger. >> the state's attorney and law enforcement that have gathered have got it right. this is a social issue so yes, we have to do more than just lock up the bad guys. of course we want to see arrests being made and news of the five arrested, that's good, but what else are we going to do to knock this problem out? jim, the problem is there is this sense of hopelessness in the community. if people who are involved in this gun violence, they don't see their future past either death or a life of incarceration. when you don't value your life, how do you value someone else's life? you don't care about someone who has a bag of shoes in your hand. so you're going to shoot them and kill them. we have to bring hope back to
4:35 pm
the hopeless. one of the things we do at the radio station, because we don't just pay lip service to this thing, we are supporting howard university students taking their spring break, going into prince george's county, going to baltimore, places in d.c., all around the country, where these same problems exist. these students look just like some of these kids in the communities, and they're bringing that sense of hope back to the community. we have to do more. >> and acting as role models, absolutely. tutoring, mentoring that make a big impact. >> tremendous relief tonight, as we've mentioned, for residents gripped in fear this past week. >> yes. >> molette green, thanks so much. pat, back over to you. lance armstrong's chances of compueting again are growing dimmer. he will not meet the deadline to
4:36 pm
testify under oath. armstrong's attorney claims the process is designed to demonize certain individuals. the seven-time tour de france winner admitted in january to using performance-enhancing drugs. the agency says without a meeting, it will not consider reducing the lifetime ban. the new official photos. the white house releasing it today. this is the portrayed for president obama's second term, taken by chuck kennedy in the grin room. it shows off her new bangs. she's also sitting down. she was standing in a sleeveless dress back in 2009. this time she stuck with a dark neutral-colored outfit and pearls around her neck. the u.s. olympic committee is reaching out to nearly three dozen cities to see who's interested in bidding for the 2024 games. d.c. and baltimore are among the locations under consideration. the two cities have considered a
4:37 pm
joint bid in the past. however mayor gray's office said it's not aware of any efforts to bring the olympics to the nation's capital. hundreds of patients could be at risk. the johns hopkins doctors accused of secretly videotaping women. and we have a warning about online dating scams. the warning signs that criminalssh preying
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4:40 pm
let's go back to the live desk. aaron gilchrist has new details about a new education bill. >> this could put a school in our area up for a state takeover. we're learning the general assembly has passed that would allow the state to create a board to take over chronically failing schools. jefferson elementary in alexandria on that list. this legislation would allow the state do create this board that essentially can do whatever it thinks is necessary to get it up to a standard of being accredited, so this now goes to the governor's desk for a signature. there's a question about whether it could be funded if the governor can't come up with the money, this could slow it. but it is possible the next school year, the 2014-15 school year would be the first time to see a state takeover of at least six schools? virginia. that's from the live desk.
4:41 pm
news4 exclusive, doreen gentzler visits with a father brutally beaten on capitol hill. how his life has changed and why he still has hope. veronica, what are you working on now? >> i'm looking at these windchill readings and what is necessary for us. from 22 degrees in gaithersburg, only to 33 in manassas, and we're going to drop even more by tomorrow morning, and we're taking a look at the weather systems for friday that could give us some trouble. give us some trouble. this is my friend diane. she's played by the rules her whole life. but then the rules flew right out the window. having just lost her husband, she stepped up and adopted her three grandkids, while working full time and caring for her brother, eddie, with cerebral palsy. i get the three children up. i walk andrew at eight i drop olivia off at eight thirty. spend a few minutes at emilio's school. i stop at the grocery store, and then i might do some laundry that has to be done. and then i have about five minutes. the baby sitter comes in and then i go to work. i'm not back home again until 11:30 at night. hard as she works,
4:42 pm
it's still a struggle to keep up with the bills and stay warm at night. when we asked the biggest oil companies to help families in need, only citgo, the people of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like diane's. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm this winter, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold!
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right now a man is in custody accused of killing another man who was pumping gas in hill crest heights maryland. police tell us that dwayne williams of southeast d.c. was high on pcp when he approached 27-year-old el eric walker at a gas station along cold brook drive yesterday. they tell us williams pulled a gun on walker, then chased him across branch avenue and shot him several times. police tased the suspect several times before they were able to arrest him. he faces charges and other -- those charges. we'll have much more at 5:00. a brutal attack on capitol hill left t.c. mattland in emergency care last summer. he couldn't walk or even talk. but now his story of heartache is becoming one of hope as he and his wife are on the road to
4:45 pm
recovery. they expo exclusively to -- ♪ this is a photo of abby and t.c. massesland. just last summer that day they had no idea that their lives were just about to change forever. t.c. was found unconscious on this porch near eastern market. he had been brutally beating. he suffered a severe traumatic brain injury that left him unable to talk, read or use the right side of his body. the doctors warned abby his prognosis was grim. >> we were told a lot of different things, because doctors don't want to raise your expectations too high. >> reporter: t.c. was in the hospital for three months. he left the hospital in d.c. in a wheelchair, and this is where he's been recovering every since action and making amazing progress. >> i think i'm really doing a lot better. >> reporter: this is t.c. and abby today. they have left the city and moved to a place where they can
4:46 pm
heal physically and emotionally i want i feel about three times my age most days, but it really has made me so much more aware of other people going through difficult circumstances like this. >> reporter: can you characterize how far t.c. has come since this happened in august to today? >> the very first few weeks he was in and out of a coma, thrashing. there want even a personal in there. >> reporter: but now he's getting back to his old self, spending hours 'em week in the hospital and at home with abby. she's a former schoolteacher. they set up their makeshift classroom where they work every day. on cognitive skills. >> i want to do it. i've got a long ways to go, too, to be honest. i'm not worrying about that, and i'm just going to move forward, keep working on it. >> abby has chronicled the
4:47 pm
family's journey in a blog that's gotten half a million, it's full of raw emotion shifting from darkness, hope and gratitude. cathartic for her to write, she says, meaningful for others struggling to read. >> there have been some truly all-inspiring moments that i could not have imagined in my former life, but there have been some moments i'm on my knees banging my head against the wall. >> reporter: here is a what keeping them both going, their 2-year-old son jack, who is going to daycare while his parents work full time on rehab. >> all of that leads me to think nothing is impossible here. once we erased that word from our vocabulary, we're truly opening ourselves up to infinite possibilities. >> there is still a lot of hard work ahead, but t.c. says he hopes to go back to work as a solar energy analyst next year. he and abby are both grateful
4:48 pm
for the support that friends and strangers have given them through this ordeal. three people were arrested after that attack last summer. the first trial is supposed to begin in the spring, but what an inspiring story. he's really working hard. >> a great story. thanks so much. veronica is here now with her eyes on friday. >> that's right, because friday really is the next system that's going to come our way. it could be problematic for, i think, the afternoon and evening rush. let's head on over. a lot of folks, you know that feeling when you get off the roller coaster, you feel like you're still on it? a lot of people feel like they should be swaying back and forth. it's been windy and gusty the the current gusts still up to around 30 miles an hour, down into d.c. in leesburg, up to 33 miles per hour right now. all right. a lot of rocking back and forth
4:49 pm
today. still another breezy day tomorrow. 17 miles per hour right now. dry air, yes, is over us. when that next system does come in, probably after midday, probably after the noon hour, it's going to take a while again, we're at 32 in gaithersburg. 40 degrees college park and down through d.c., 41 in manassas. here's a look at the overnight temperatures we'll be dropping to 22, 25 degrees bethesda, 22 marshall and manassas, and ashburn, heads down to 23 degrees by tomorrow morning. and then we're back up like today, to about 40 degrees action with that wind fairly uniform temperatures, that we're going to have anywhere throughout the area. it gets into the upper 40s, but then after tomorrow, here's what you can expect on your friday. a chance of snow, sleet during the evening rush. there could be some areas that get a little slick north and west. that would be that area of
4:50 pm
around northern montgomery, northern louding county, frederick county to virginia, where it could be a little accumulation of snow and sleet. after that, it's mainly rain and mostly rain too for saturday as temperatures start to warm up. for tomorrow, 41 degrees, for friday, cold, 37 degrees the temperature. saturday right now 46 with mainly rain. sunday best day out of the weekend. look at this, guys, next week pushing through to the low and mid 50s throughout the area. in just over an hour, sony is hosting an event that many speculate will reveal the new playstation console. edge online reports it could have a revamped controller and touchpad and the ability to record slicks, so they can share screen shots of their games. it could be available in time for the holidays. if it happens it would be sony's new game system launch since
4:51 pm
playstation 3 back in 2006. a warning tonight for anyone looking for love online. the federal trade commission says there are scam artists preying on people. linda have a cara has advice on what to look out for to avoid being their next victim. >> reporter: searching for love online is more popular. no matter which website you use lurk potential problems. >> my friend met someone online, and then she went on a date. the second date the guy told her he loved her. she was freaked out and blocked her from every texting, social media. that was freaky. >> bell ephron for the federal trade commission says that's often a red flag. >> claiming instant feelings of love, claiming to be from the united states but currently overseas. he says they prey online hoping
4:52 pm
to lure their victims on the pretense of love. >> in a typical scenario, a scam artist sets up a fake profile online. gains the trust of an online love interest, and then asking that person to send money action usually to a location outside the united states. victims can be taken for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. that's why the most important thing to remember is do not wire money to someone you haven't met. this is like sending cash. once it's gone, it cannot be recovered. >> reporter: another red flag? >> wanting to leave the site immediately and wanting to use e-mail accounts. >> he tried to contact her for a month or two, and she said stop contacting me, stop doing it. eventually he shopped. >> when getting to know someone in person. >> meeting in public places. i wouldn't go alone if i was in that situation. i would have a friend nearby, and have them call me and tell them if it's okay or not.
4:53 pm
>> some web sites have online dating safety tips posted. experts say if you suspect someone is trying to scam you, you should block them, report them to the site. if you are actually the victim of a scam, also report them to the federal trade commission. a well-known and popular doctor accused of secretly taping hundreds of patients. what police found inside his house. we continue to follow that breaking news. one case is closed in the murder of a teenager there. now we are looking at the status of the other cases. live team coverage jus
4:54 pm
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lapping that toddler on an airplane says his client will plead not guilty. joe hundley appeared before a federal judge in idaho. he was released after posting a $10,000 bond. hundley allegedly slapped the 19-month-old seen here during the flight from minneapolis to atlanta. he's charged with simple assault. the 60-year-old faces a year in jail if he's convicted. right now folks at johns hopkins are reaching out to hundreds of patients warning them their doctor so far more than 300 women have called a special hospital hotline. the hospital fired him about two weeks ago. police say he killed himself
4:57 pm
monday in his home. investigators say he took the images using a camera hiding in his pen. they are trying to find out if those images were distributed. wbal reporter laurel melts are talked to several patients. >> reporter: a day after police found 54-year-old dr. nikita levy dead in his home, patients still have a lot of questions about his demise. johns hopkins officials confirm that he had been fired ten days ago before his death for inappropriately photographing and videotapes his patients during appointments. 11 news spoke to a few patients over the phone action who did not want to go on camera, who say they thought levy was a good doctor, and would never suspect he was capable of such a horrid crime. >> any victim of this crime and malpractice has a legitimate cause of action against the
4:58 pm
doctor and against hopkins as well. >> an attorney who deals with medical ethics says his office has dealt with similar cases over the years, where physicians have crossed the line, taking inappropriate pictures and video of their patients. the problems with these types of cases is that it's sometimes difficult to prove that the doctor, in this days dr. levy, was acting within the scope or definition of his employment. >> the question is, when he sets up a device to record a patient without their knowledge and by breaking the law, is he still within the scope of his employment? that becomes a factual issue for a judge to decide eventually in any lawsuit. >> reporter: at this point hopkins official say a number of patients have been notified, but know there are hundreds more he has treated. the hopkins medicine board of trustees has also set up its own investigation. the medical examiner hasn't yet released dr. levy's cause of death. he had worked at johns hopkins
4:59 pm
since 1988. we begin with some breaking news. one murder case is closed in the death of a prince george's county teenager, and five suspects are now behind bars. >> this comes as the teen death toll rises tonight. the police chief says there is still a lot of work to be done. >> criminals need to know if they come to this county and commit senseless acts of violence, we will find them and bring them to justice. >> tips helped police crack this case. the victim 15-year-old charles walker jr. who was shot and killed baas someone wanted his shoes. >> meanwhile, a second victim has died after a double shooting in forestville yesterday. it's a disturbing trend not only for police, but the community at large. >> we have community coverage with the reaction,. >> reporter: that's what


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